What is recovered Carbon Black (rCB)?

Pyrolyx recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is  a substitute for Carbon Black in both rubber products (cct-6400 & rC-6400) and plastic black color concentrates (rC-7400). The rCB material is derived from post consumer rubber goods (feedstock) via a “batch” type pyrolysis process. This semi-reinforcing filler consists primarily of Carbon Black but also contains inorganic compounding ingredients (typically 10-20-wt%) originating from the feedstock but is free of wire and fabric. After the initial pyrolysis process the material is then put through the post processing stages of grinding and pelletizing. The specific surface area of this material would be classified under the ASTM standard methodology as ranging from a N400 to N500 series material. rCB exhibits reinforcing properties of Carbon Blacks in the range of N600 to N700 Carbon Blacks. rCB, should not be confused with “Carbon Char” which has minimal to no reinforcing properties when used in rubber compounding.

rCB is primarily used as a substitute for commonly used ASTM semi reinforcing furnace grades of Carbon Black (N550, N650, N660, N762, and N774) in both rubber and plastic end products. The end product in most cases is the determining factor of the amount of rCB that can be substituted without diminishing the final products in performance capacities. 

Product Standards Recognition – ASTM

The ASTM Committee D36 on rCB was formed in 2017 to develop standards for rCB and its processes, and to limit confusion with Carbon Char. The Committee focuses on the development of voluntary consensus standards on test methods, practices, technology, grading and guides. Pyrolyx, as the largest global producer of rCB, plays a prominent role in the ASTM Committee and the development of industry standards.

Product Grades

(Rubber Applications)

This rCB material  is best suited for rubber product applications. Note: the ash content is higher due to  European tire formulation containing a higher silica content than tires manufactured in the United States.

(Rubber Applications)

This rCB material is produced at our manufacturing facilities in Terre Haute, Indiana. This material is best suited for rubber applications in both tires and non-tire rubber products.

(Plastic and Color Sensitive Applications)

This rCB material was designed for plastic and color sensitive applications. Our process has been adjusted to product a product that is easy to extrude and where a richer black finish to the customer’s final product is needed. This material is a suitable replacement for N700 series ASTM prime Carbon Black grades.


Product Quality and Safety Information

Pyrolyx’s recovered Carbon Black meets the highest quality standards. The Pyrolyx Stegelitz plant in Germany has ISO certification. The Pyrolyx Terre Haute, Indiana plant is in the process of obtaining ISO certification. It is projected that the plan will achieve their certification during the 4Q of 2019.

ISO Certificates
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