Cancellation of the Extraordinary General Meeting January 15, 2021

The extraordinary general meeting of Pyrolyx AG, convened in the Federal Gazette of 25 November 2020 for 15 January 2021, is hereby cancelled.

The reason for the cancellation is that on 4 December 2020 the company filed with the Munich District Court under file number 1507 IN 2125/20 for the opening of insolvency proceedings and the court-appointed insolvency trustee does not see himself in a position to give its consent to payments in connection with the Annual General Meeting. It is therefore impossible for the Executive Board and Supervisory Board to hold the extraordinary general meeting.

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Pyrolyx is grounded in the tenets of impact investing which is defined as “an investment approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial return and positive social or environmental impact that is actively measured” (World Economic Forum). This dual objective is in conflict with the natural tension between optimizing financial returns and focusing on positive Environmental, Social, and Governance impact. Our solution resolves this tension, providing an example of a model by which both gains can be made simultaneously in a mutually beneficial manner. We have summarized some of the salient issues of impact investing as outlined by the below articles.

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