Munich, July 10 2019 – As noted in the ASX release on 9 June 2019 announcing the results of Pyrolyx AG Annual General Meeting, German regulations allow a dissident minority shareholder to request an examination of an isolated transaction. Despite the opportunity afforded the dissident shareholder to place this item on the Agenda, allowing all shareholders to consider and vote on the resolution, the request was raised in person at the AGM, without notice, thereby intentionally precluding the vast majority of the Company’s shares from participating in the vote. As a result of this attempt to not allow the majority of shareholders to vote on the resolution, some significant shareholders have requested an Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held on 18 September 2019, to allow all shareholders to vote.

About Pyrolyx AG

Pyrolyx AG (ARBN: 618 212 267) is the world leader in the extraction of rCB (recovered carbon black) from end-of-life tyres. rCB is used to manufacture new tyres as well as in the plastic, technical, rubber and masterbatch industries.

Shares in the Company (WKN A2E4L4) are listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf as well as on m:access (Munich Stock Exchange) and also traded on the electronic trading system Xetra and the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) under the ticker PLX (ASX: PLX). For more information, please visit


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