The Pyrolyx manufacturing process shows potential for a significant increase in throughput with no additional capital, due to shorter batch times and increased average batch size. The energy consumption of the Pyrolyx process also shows potential for further improvement in energy efficiency, including the reuse of pyrolysis gas and oil for fuel.

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The Pyrolyx Technology

The Pyrolyx process takes one key input, end-of-life tyres, and produces four commercial outputs:

Recovered Carbon Black: The core product of Pyrolyx for sale and use in the tire, engineering rubber and plastics industries.

Pyrolysis oil: This can be used as fuel oil, feedstock or further refined and mixed with fuel oil.

Steel: Is sold as steel scrap and reprocessed.

Gas: The gas output has a calorific value comparable to natural gas and can be reused in the Pyrolyx process to produce energy or heat.



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The Production Process in Stegelitz

From scrap tires to high-quality Pyrolyx Carbon Black – the production process at the plant in Stegelitz.