One Pyrolyx Plant Recycles 4 Million Scrap Tires

Following the commissioning of the US plant, 4 million scrap tires (about 1% of the annual waste tire volume in the USA) will be recycled there every year, enabling the eco-friendly production of around 13,000 metric tons of Pyrolyx rCB.

Example Demand for Pyrolyx Plants Worldwide

Ten Pyrolyx plants could handle the green recycling of 40 million tires each year. This equates to just 10% of the tires discarded in the USA. The potential global demand for Pyrolyx rCB plants is therefore huge.

Co2 Saved by Pyrolyx Plants

A truckload of 22t rCB avoids up to 57 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

* For the calculation it was assumed that about 30% rCB is added when auto tires are made.