Investment, Value Added, Operation

Changing your thinking pays off

The Pyrolyx technology transforms conventional rubber granules into high-grade raw materials: this is ideal value added. A Pyrolyx plant with two or three reactor sections produces approx. 10,000 tons of Pyrolyx carbon black per annum in a three-shift operation, with a capacity utilization of 90% and a granule input of 65 to 70 tons per day.

Oil and gas, which are also generated with this method, can be utilized as inexpensive heating material in the production of carbon black, which requires large amounts of energy, in the tire industry as well as in other industrial enterprises. The gases generated may also be used for supplying the plant with energy, which further reduces operation costs.

The Pyrolyx technology already gives industry the opportunity to meet, if not surpass, the standards and requirements of tomorrow.

Extension is possible

Putting a shredder upstream of the Pyrolyx plant results in yet another benefit. The value added is increased by the earnings from the sale of metal.


Operating a Pyrolyx plant pays for itself without government subsidies and assistance. This is important from an economic point of view and makes the operators independent of the respective political situation and financial situation.

Pyrolyx plant: input – operation – output

Application scenarios of the Pyrolyx technology

Using a Pyrolyx plant will significantly optimize your production process and value-added chain. Depending on its location, a Pyrolyx plant will lead to a number of synergies. Above all, carbon black manufacturers can profit from the price advantages as well as the benefits for the environment which Pyrolyx carbon black entails. The first-time establishment of a sustainable production cycle gives tire manufacturers a large number of product and competitive advantages. Essentially, these are the benefits of the Pyrolyx plants:

Operation of a Pyrolyx plant Benefits for tire manufacturers

  • You can use the Pyrolyx oil and gas that are generated as an alternative energy source by employing heat and energy in your tire manufacturing process.
  • You gain a cost-effective right-on-site solution for your off-spec tires.
  • You have the opportunity to produce and supply ECO tires worldwide.
  • You increase your value-added chain.
  • Everybody is aware of the necessity to establish sustainable production processes and manufacture sustainable products. You are actually employing a sustainable production method.

Operation of a Pyrolyx plant Benefits for carbon black manufacturers

  • Using Pyrolyx carbon black and manufacturing carbon black blends will considerably reduce your production costs.
  • You can market the first technology for a closed recycling loop for the production of Pyrolyx carbon black.
  • You are able to supply Pyrolyx carbon black and Pyrolyx carbon black blends on a global scale.
  • Your production of carbon black will become less dependent on the commodities market.

However, not only tire and carbon black manufacturers can use Pyrolyx carbon black to their advantage – rubber manufacturers will also profit from the wide application range of Pyrolyx carbon black. Extensive test series conducted by a leading specialist in rubber blends confirm that Pyrolyx carbon black is the first recycled carbon black which can be used in rubber production. Needless to say, the benefits listed above also apply in this context. Finally, individual operator models are also profitable and contain possibilities for numerous synergies. This, too, requires no government assistance. Feel free to discuss this with us!