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Pyrolyx is a market leader in recovered carbon black technology from scrap tires. Pyrolyx provides a green, recycling-based yet economic solution to the growing environmental problem of disposing of scrap tires.

Carbon Black Market

World market and opportunities


Every year, around 630,000 metric tons of scrap tires accumulate in Germany alone. The figure for Europe as a whole is 3.2 million tons, and 4.4 million tons in the US. Even in the EU, 4% of end-of-life tires still go to landfill while half are used as an alternative fuel to heat kilns in the cement industry. Another substantial amount is ground into granulate and rubber dust for use in road paving material and sports ground surfaces. However, the economic results are far below the value of the raw materials used – not to mention the high ecological costs.

13 Million Tons

of scrap tires per year

Landfilling scrap tires has long been banned in the EU. Nevertheless, about 4% of waste tires in the EU still end up in landfill or are disposed of illegally in other ways. Moreover, this problem is much worse elsewhere in the world. Even the practice of using waste tires as fuel makes little ecological or economic sense because the raw materials used to make tires (especially rubber and the oil required to produce synthetic rubber and carbon black) have to be continuously obtained. Other ways of using scrap tires (for example adding tire shreds to asphalt or as granulate for surfacing) do not reduce the consumption of natural resources either. Only a genuine circular economy in which commodities are recovered and recycled can permanently reduce the consumption of raw materials.


Tires which are incinerated and not recycled

The First Closed Recycling Loop for Carbon Black

Pyrolyx technology has the potential to fundamentally change the production of many rubber products because it closes the recycling loop for the very first time. Thanks to this huge ecological and economic breakthrough, scrap tires are almost entirely used up to make new ones with only a small amount of additional raw materials required.

Pyrolyx – Market Leader of the rcb Industry

Pyrolyx AG has risen to become the global market leader in recovered carbon black (rCB) technology. When the company was founded in 2009, it was one of the first manufacturers of rCB. In March 2015, Pyrolyx acquired Carbon-Clean Tech Stegelitz GmbH, another leading German rCB company. This merger turned the two top rCB companies in the industry into a new global leader. In December 2016, Pyrolyx set up a joint venture with Reklaim, Inc. (USA). In September 2017, Pyrolyx began building the world’s largest rCB plant in Terre Haute, Indiana. And in August 2017, Pyrolyx became Germany’s first listed company to be quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).




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