Pyrolyx AG signs recovered Carbon Black suppy agreement Letter of Intent with international tyre manaufacturer

Pyrolyx AG has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with one of the largest global tyre manufacturers. The
LOI details a five-year supply agreement building over two years to 10,000-15,000 tons per annum of
recovered Carbon Black (rCB). The rCB will be initially supplied both from Pyrolyx’s existing plant in
Stegelitz Germany and its plant in Terre Haute Indiana, which is due to be operational in June 2019.
The minimum five-year supply agreement requires the development of additional Pyrolyx manufacturing
capacity in Eastern Europe. Once the Eastern European facility is operational, which is expected in late
2021, Pyrolyx will satisfy the tyre manufacturer’s initial European regional rCB demands from this facility.
The expectation of both parties is that the demand for rCB will increase over time and, if it does, the
manufacturer may increase its demand from Pyrolyx beyond the initially stipulated annual tonnage.

Pyrolyx’s USA CEO, Thomas Redd, said: “This LOI is an extremely positive development for Pyrolyx
and validates Pyrolyx’s process and products. Pyrolyx is a world leader in assisting the carbon black
industry to decrease its environmental footprint and this agreement, once implemented, will eliminate
the need to burn or dump four million scrap tyres annually and reduce CO2 emissions by over 32,000
tons annually, as compared to current carbon black manufacturing techniques.”

Michael Triguboff, Pyrolyx AG’s CEO, noted that Pyrolyx had already enjoyed a long term relationship
with this international tyre manufacturer, benefiting from a long term joint development agreement
between the two firms. Pyrolyx has supplied this tyre manufacturer with product from its Stegelitz
Germany plant for approximately three years. Mr Triguboff noted that both companies will cooperate to
finalise a formal binding offtake agreement in the coming months.

Mr Triguboff said: “We are all very excited that Pyrolyx will hopefully prove to be an example of impact
investing – achieving strong financial and quantifiable environmentally sustainable returns.”

The LOI is a non-binding statement of intention of the parties to enter into the supply agreement. Pyrolyx
is confident a binding supply agreement will be entered into with the tyre manufacturer.


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About Pyrolyx AG

Pyrolyx AG (ARBN: 618 212 267) is the world leader in the extraction of rCB (recovered carbon black) from end-of-life tyres. rCB is used to manufacture new tyres as well as in the plastic, technical, rubber and masterbatch industries.

Shares in the Company (WKN A2E4L4) are listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf as well as on m:access (Munich Stock Exchange) and also traded on the electronic trading system Xetra and the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) under the ticker PLX (ASX: PLX). For more information, please visit www.pyrolyx.com.


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