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Business Description

Pyrolyx is an industry leader in the supply of commercial-scale recovered Carbon Black to tyre, industrial rubber and masterbatch companies through its specialised patent protected process that transforms waste tyres into high-grade, valuable raw materials, primarily recovered Carbon Black (rCB), oil and steel in an environmentally sustainable (closed end system) manner. Pyrolyx is  the leading global manufacturer of rCB. Pyrolyx’s rCB  has been accepted for inclusion in the manufacture of new tyres, as well as in the plastic and technical rubber industries.

Pyrolyx has manufactured rCB for over ten years, first at a pilot facility in Holland and then at a full commercial scale test facility in Stegeltiz. Pyrolyx is building a full scale commercial facility in Indiana, which is expected to be operational by June 2019. Pyrolyx commercially supply  a number of significant global customers, and is in final stages of testing, approval and release with many other customers.


Environmental Impact

Pyrolyx provides a sustainable, financially lucrative and environmentally friendly solution to the serious and growing global problem of disposing of end-of-life tyres, which are being stockpiled at the rate of 2 billion tyres annually. Pyrolyx’s closed end system of manufacture saves over 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of carbon black produced. Further, Pyrolyx solves the relatively insoluble and undeniable problem of end-of-life tyres which currently are disposed of in rubbish dumps or burnt, both of which have detrimental environmental impacts. Each Pyrolyx facility uses as raw material  over 4 million tyres per annum, thereby helping solve this previously intractable problem.

Key figures

Number of shares 7,119,681
Commencement of trading 16.06.2009
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Primärmarkt Duesseldorf / Open market Frankfurt and Australian Stock Exchange ASX

Securities identification number A2E4L4

Company calendar

March 2019: Publication of Annual Report 2018

7. June 2019: Shareholders Meeting in Munich

September 2019: Publication of the Half-Year-Report as of 30.06.2018

Events & Fairs

Investors Conference

27. MKK – Münchner Kapitalmarkt Konferenz
on 07./08. Mai 2019

The Charles Hotel - Rocco Forte Hotels -
Sophienstrasse 28 - 80333 München

07.05.2019, 12:10 – 12:50 p.m.  -  Presentation of Pyrolyx AG

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