Pyrolyx – world leader in utilising patented sustainable technology

Through the merger with cct Stegelitz GmbH, the newly formed Pyrolyx Group is the world leader in utilising patented sustainable technology to recover carbon black from end-of-life tyres (ELT) for re-integration with virgin carbon black in new tyres.

Pyrolyx provides a global solution to two problems – the increasing problem of disposing of end-of-life tyres, and the reduction in carbon emission footprint for the manufacture of new tyres. The production of every ton of recovered carbon black produced by Pyrolyx compared to virgin carbon black results in a reduction of up to 2.5 tons in CO2. 

Prior to commercialisation, Pyrolyx, using the output of its pilot plant in Holland, in collaboration with major universities and the world-leading tire companies, received approval for its recovered carbon black to be used in new tire production. 

The Pyrolyx Group also sells recovered carbon black to the masterbatch and rubber industries, amongst other end users who are seeking environmentally friendly alternatives at competitive prices.

The primary material input for virgin carbon black production is an oil derivative, whilst the only material input for Pyrolyx is shredded end ELTs. Pyrolyx’s effective operating cost advantage will be enhanced with the expected decrease in shredded ELT prices over time, driven by increasing supply and decreasing alternative uses for ELTs.

Construction progress rCB-plant Terre Haute, USA