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Pyrolyx is the global leader in the commercial production of recovered Carbon Black from waste tyres.

The First Closed Recycling Loop for Carbon Black

  • Pyrolyx is one of the few manufacturers to have its product tested and approved for mixing with traditional Carbon Black in the production of tyres, masterbatch and plastics. The testing process, often of a 3-5 year duration, serves as an additional barrier to entry to the globally patented process
  • Pyrolyx’s closed end sustainable process solves the problem of disposing of waste tyres and is an environmentally viable alternative to the current disposal for waste tyres by either burning or dumping in landfills
  • Pyrolyx’s closed end process saves approximately 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide for every tonne of traditionally produced Carbon Black
  • Pyrolyx’s recovered Carbon Black helps address the growing imbalance, especially in the USA, of demand exceeding supply for the foreseeable future. Due to environmental restrictions, no new traditional carbon black plants are expected to be constructed in the USA
  • Pyrolyx’s process operates at a significant cost advantage to traditional carbon black manufacturers in that it has only one material input- waste tyres, for which it is paid, compared to traditional carbon black manufacturers who have to pay for the heavy oil required to manufacture carbon black.
  • Pyrolyx, a publicly listed global manufacturer of recovered Carbon Black, allows an opportunity for impact investing, combining financial and environmental returns.



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